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King Blue Condos Model Suite on King Street West in Toronto

King Blue Condos

355 King Street West

Condo Residence

As the allure of condo living increases, discerning buyers are considering several elements in buying their ideal property; location, views, size, potential for resale and often most importantly, cost.

There is, however, another set of elements that buyers should consider, the interior design features. “Unlike buying a house, if the design isn’t ideal to start and renovations are required you may run into many challenges,” says design expert Janette Ewen. “Besides the smaller space, there are condo board rules and regulations that you have to follow.”

Always take the time to look at model suites and showrooms before making a purchase. Though some features may not be standard, it gives you an idea of custom finishes that are available to add some opulence to the property. Long gone are condos with drab kitchens and cheap big box furniture, they have given way to more sophisticated and stylish furniture, fixtures and appliances.


King Blue Condos are a prime example of this luxury living without compromise; from the hardwood floors to the polished granite counters, to the glass tile backsplash and stainless steel appliances, everything is top of the line. “Design in condos is getting increasingly decadent. Just look at King Blue Condos,” says Janette. “Decadence is seen on all level of finishes, everything from paneled walls to super chic moldings. This is also working its way into furnishings as they are taking on level of luxury normally reserved for larger ultra-expensive homes.”

One of the benefits of investing in a luxury condo is that they enlist the best designers in the country to create and develop their design schemes and palettes. King Blue Condos used the award-winning design firm, Munge Leung known for creating the interiors for a global client roster that includes luxury hotels, premium condominium and residential projects and iconic restaurant and nightclub venues.

King Blue Kitchen

King Blue purchasers can look forward to high-end layouts and fixtures that would normally be considered an upgrade in other condominium projects. “If you are purchasing a condo as an investment, it’s good to keep up with current trends so that your unit is enticing for potential renters and buyers,” advises Janette.

Definition and clean lines are showcased by attention to storage for keeping the minimalist feel, top of the line stainless steel appliances, as well as streamlined cabinets in the bathrooms and kitchen.“My tips for condo design; keep a more neutral colour palette, this allows rooms to flow into each other and helps expand the space,” says Janette. “Define rooms by textures like leather, wood and glass, let accessories become the defining finishing touch for a space, like opulent jewelry for the home.”

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